Being a Drone Pilot

From 2016 onward, I’ve flown many drones including DJI vehicles, FPV racers, wings, and large multirotors. My initial interests were centralized around cinematography, aerial time-lapses, and 360 panoramic aerial shots. Check out some of my early footage here:

After starting college, I began to build my own racing drones and compete on the national level. I traveled to Las Vegas in 2018 and Daytona Beach in 2019 for consecutive national drone racing championships. Here is a bit of racing and cinematic footage that I’ve captured over the past few years flying FPV:

At the same time as racing, I acquired my Part 107 Remote Pilot licence to fly drone commercially. Using this, I’ve worked as a UAV test pilot and technician on DARPA projects and at a UAV startup for warehouse inventory management.